Pork barrels, fertilizer, shutdowns, fear mongering and the like …

I’m not expert at either politics or economics, I don’t know about you – BUT I’m pretty darned disillusioned with partisan politics, extreme right/left leaning journalism, and our irresponsibly high deficit.

I found this  article by Robert Longley informative and worth a read (to be fair I haven’t followed Longley enough to know if he may be a “leaner”,  his article sounds factual to me but I do take much with salt lately).

According to Longley:

Since 1981 there have been 5 government shutdowns, save the last 4 of those 5 went “largely unnoticed”.  Is, what I see as fear mongering over a government shutdown real or partisan politics?  In my view balancing the budget is far more important than a shutdown even after considering a potential downgrade of our debt rating.  Businesses and families operate within budgetary boundaries, shouldn’t our government?

So what’s the problem?  It’s a question of leadership (there’s ample blame to go around) – a void of clear, sound, consistent, often selfless, CONCENSUS BUILDING thinking.  I’ve spearheaded multiple successful turnarounds in the business world.  To “git’er done” in Larry the Cable Guys words – that was all it took – none of the changes in those turnarounds were particularly cerebral but they were effective.

When our elected leaders begin leading in a similar manner we’ll “git ‘er done” and our economy will rebound!


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