RIM in Slow Motion!

Please let me get straight to the point …. Blackberry’s Blowing It!

I don’t think it’s any big secret that Android and iPhone have been eating Crackberry’s market share lunch even before last week’s well publicized outages. The itty bitty keyboard and screen are just not user friendly for me. You? C’mom RIM you once owed the market!

Now RIM’s make good for the service outages is $100 credit towards a bunch off apps you probably don’t want! And unless I missed it they’ve yet to offer up a plain English explanation of how the outage occurred (it sounded to me like a carrier matter but it wasn’t) and what’s being done to insure that it doesn’t happen again! Are you kidding me?

RIM needed to make a bold, generous “apology” to salvage their reputation, perhaps their business …

  • Free or very nominal Upgrade to a BB device of their customer’s choosing.
  • Several, at least 3, months of free service. 
  • Both!

RIM operates with 2 CEOs! That’s right — Co-CEOs. What? They seem to have lost their way.  Or were they just cursed from the start when they set up camp in Waterloo?

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