Shodan – ever hear of it? What you need to know & why

cybercrimeCNNMoney refers to Shodan as the scariest search engine on the Internet.

Shodan positions themselves as “the world’s first computer search engine that lets you search the Internet for computers” and is a tool hackers use to track down their targets.  Actually, Shodan searches for ANY DEVICE connected to the Internet – that includes your cell phone, tablet, refrigerator, you name it, if it’s connected to the internet you’re at risk.



Who’s most at risk?

A recently released data breach investigations report from Verizon indicated that small businesses continue to be the most victimized of all companies.

Why?  SMBs have assets for the taking; cash, customer credit card info, etc. to make it worth the hackers nefarious intent and typically do not have the IT infrastructure to better protect themselves.

What can you do?

At a bare minimum take usernames and passwords seriously – avoid the obvious e.g.  “admin” as username, “12345” password – make them complex and keep your antivirus updated for all your connected devices.

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