So far out … they’re in!

Harvard Business ReviewThere’s a good article on HBR on the impact of handwritten notes.  This is a practice I absolutely embrace — I just picked up a new box of thank you notes just yesterday specifically for this purpose … and a few are already in the mail.  Think how many emails you send/receive … how many handwritten notes did you send or receive in the past year?  I can all but guaranty if you do this, it will enhance your “connection” with recipient and have far more impact.


Handwritten Notes Are a Rare Commodity. They’re Also More Important Than Ever.

It may seem nostalgic, but I still believe there’s room for the handwritten note in personal and professional communication. They cost something, mean something, and have permanence in a way emails and text messages don’t. They let the people in our lives know we appreciate them enough to do something as archaic as pausing for 15 minutes to put pen to paper in an attempt to connect and sustain a relationship with them.

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