So You Think You Know What Your Company’s Organization Chart Is?

Everyone in a company knows about the organization chart — you know, who does what and so forth.  But did you know that businesses also have an “unofficial organization chart” and understanding its makeup can help your company avoid the financial risks associated with growth.

Finders Minders GrindersEvery company’s “Unofficial Organization Chart” is comprised of just three types of employees:  Finders, Minders, and GrindersSM

Finders are entrepreneurial and are ‘Future Thinkers’ who generate new business and build new & leveraged relationships that multiply the volumes and revenues of the business.

Minders are the managers in a business.  They typically live in the past and rely on historical information to improve future performance. They make sure work gets done efficiently.

Grinders are the employees that do the actual ‘Work’ of the company. They typically live in the present.  They’re the ones who build  & ship the products or deliver the services .

When the company experiences growth, typically Finders stop finding new work and start spending most of their time doing Minding and Grinding activities.  The entrepreneur business owner is usually the #1 Finder in their company.    If this continues, the company will enter a cycle where growth declines, expenses increase and cash runs out.

We call this cycle “The Danger Zone”.   The way to avoid The Danger Zone is to know your company’s “Unofficial Organization Chart” know who’s in it; and to follow the  B2B CFO® Golden Rule:

 “Let the Finders Find; Minders Mind & Grinders Grind”

Hope this helps you understand the dynamics that effect the growth and prosperity of your Company.  If you would like to talk further give me a call.

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