South Dakota, Texas Top List of Best State Tax Systems

  reports: The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council) just published its Business Tax Index 2012. The list covers what the SBE Council’s formula determines is the ” Best to Worst Tax Systems for Entrepreneurship and Small Business.” Topping the list of the most favorable states for small businesses and startup entrepreneurs and investors are:

The Top 10                                                 The Bottom 10
1. South Dakota                                                42. Connecticut
2. Texas                                                            43. Hawaii
3. Nevada                                                         44. Vermont
4. Wyoming                                                       45. California
5. Washington                                                  46. Maine
6. Florida                                                           47. Iowa
7. Alaska                                                           48. New York
8. Alabama                                                        49. New Jersey
9. Ohio                                                              50. Minnesota
10. Colorado                                                     51. District of Columbia

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