Sports Diplomacy

As you may know we deployed a diplomatic envoy to China earlier this week spearheaded by our Vice President intended to find some common ground on some key issues.

This diplomatic visit coincided with a few basketball games also taking place in China, a nation estimated to have upwards of 400 million hoops fans.

The Georgetown Hoyas were selected to represent the US, on a 10-day trip which has been cited by the U.S. State Department as an example of sports diplomacy that strengthens ties between the two countries. The Hoyas were briefed by the State Department ahead of their departure on what to expect during their trip to Beijing and Shanghai, according to news releases on the university’s website. Joe Biden attended one of these games on Wednesday.

Earlier today in a game billed as the “friendship fixer” between the Bayi Rockets and the Hoyas (that I think ended prematurely in a tie at 64 — that was certainly diplomatic if my understanding’s correct) a melee erupted.

Oh the irony …..

The two teams are scheduled to play again on Sunday.

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