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Small Business CFO: Do You Need One?

Small Business CFO

Janine Popick, CEO and Founder of Dasheroo, wrote in Huff Post Small Business about her experience with financial staffing as her previous business, VerticalResponse, grew. These experiences weren’t all positive! Read the article here… Janine found, like many others, that she was slow in upgrading her financial staff as her business grew and she built her… Read more »

Do You Want Your Customers To Love You?

Josh Patrick at Stage 2 Planning Partners consistently offers great business insight – I encourage you to follow him.   In my SMB world I don’t see a lot of great vendor/customer service, customer satisfaction, Patrick offers some really good suggestions on how to improve in this area: Do you think about your services from… Read more »


Picture Of Man With Thumbs Down

Attached is a great article in how to handle an objection raised by a potential customer. In your organization how do your sales personnel handle prospect objections? Please let me know…. photo credit: 351/365 – two reasons via photopin (license)