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Sales growth, cash, or both?

  Remember what exercised your mind when you started your business? Most likely a combination of ‘how quickly can I deliver sales growth?’ and ‘do I have, or can I get, the cash I need to get started?’ But you were successful. You probably managed through some tough times, however you built your business into… Read more »

CFO Magazine comments on B2B CFO

Vince Ryan, Editor-in-Chief, Digital Platforms has won 20 writing and editing awards from the American Society of Business Publication Editors, including 8 national awards, attended our Annual Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona, April, 2015. “The B2B CFO [2015 Conference] was the best gathering of finance people I have attended in years.  The presentations were eye-opening, and… Read more »

Does Your Business Face Foreign Currency Exposure?

There’s a worthwhile read on NYT Small Business blog “You’re the Boss” particularly if your business has international elements – travel, sourcing of product, overseas sales. Perhaps the simplest strategy to hedge this risk  is to lock into US$ as the basis of compensation particularly if it seems that the dollar may weaken. Many times… Read more »

Managing Cash

The phase “Cash is King”, is absolutely true.  Positive cash  flow is the lifeblood for any company and without it, a company will simply wither and die.   Cash flows like water. 3 simple things you can do to improve Cash flow: 1st – get paid faster! If your customers are paying on average in more than… Read more »