The 10 Most Hated Companies in America

imgresThis article by 27/7 Wall Street reminded me of another top 10 list.  Some years back I worked for a, since acquired,  large public company that shall remain nameless but was referred to in film as “Engulf & Devour”.  A business publication – I don’t remember which – it was in the 80s – ran an article “The 10 Toughest Bosses in America”.  After I read that article I wasn’t sure “toughest” was what they meant.  What are the odds that one company might have two “toughest” on the list?  Notwithstanding, without further ado, 24/7’s list …

  1. J.C. Penney
  2. Dish Network Corp.
  3. T-Mobile USA
  4. Facebook Inc.
  5. Citigroup Inc.
  6. Research In Motion Ltd.
  7. American Airlines
  8. Nokia
  9. Sears Holding Corp.
  10. Hewlett-Packard

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