The Fastest Selling Tech and A Few Busts

The fastest selling game: Call Of Duty: Black Ops, November 9, 2010, 5.6 million.

And a few notable busts:

Qwikster, 23 days
HP Touchpad, 49 Days
New Coke, 77 Days
RJ Reynold’s smokeless cigarettes, 4 months
Google Lively, 4 months
Mobile ESPN, 8 months
JooJoo,11 months
Orbitz soda, 1 year
Microsoft Bob, 1 year
McDonald’s Arche Deluxe, 1 year
Pepsi A.M. and Crystal, Both 1 year
Cosmopolitan Yogurt, 18 months
HD DVD, 2 years
Joost, 2+ years
Ford Edsel, 3 years

How many of the busts do you remember?


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