The Most Expensive Tickets in the 4 Major Sports

Not surprisingly 4 out of the top 5 most expensive average ticket prices are from the NFL with their fewer number of games and comparatively larger rosters.  Market size and team success impacts prices as well.

Top 5 Overall

5. Dallas Cowboys $210
4. Green Bay Packers $230
3. Chicago Bears $234
2. Los Angeles Lakers $246
1. New England Patriots $261

Top 5 by Sport

MLBNew York Yankees $86, Runner Up – Toronto Blue Jays $72
NFLNew England Patriots, Runner Up – Chicago Bears
NBALos Angeles Lakers fully 43% higher than Runner Up – Chicago Bulls $172
NHLToronto Maple Leafs $210 (only pennies less than the Cowboys), Runner Up – Montreal Canadians $191

I remember going to Fenway Park during my college days in the mid-70s (I’m one of a very small group that it’s OK for the Bosox to win if the Bombers don’t) and paying a buck or two for a bleacher “bench seat”, once inside the park for an additional $1 we could move closer to the right field foul line, near “Peskey’s Pole” for you baseball fans and a slightly better “actual seat”.  Times have changed.

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