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Sep 8B2B CFO

Top 10 Industries with the most loyal customers

Sep 8B2B CFO

Noteworthy to me was that Cellular Phone Service even made the list — I don’t know many who are particularly pleased with their service — and that one company USAA had the most loyal following in two categories, Homeowner’s and Auto Insurance.

The top 10 industries for most loyal customers and the top company in the segment.

1. Groceries and Supermarkets – Trader Joe’s
2. Online Shopping – Amazon
3. Department, Wholesale and Specialty Stores – Costco
4. Online Search and Information – Tie between Google and Facebook
5. Auto Insurance – USAA
6. Brokerage and Investments – Vanguard
7. Computer Hardware – Apple
8. Consumer Software – Symantec
9. Homeowners Insurance – USAA
10. Cellular Phone Service – Metro PCS

Source: The Ultimate Question 2.0 How Net Promoter Companies Thrive in a Customer-Driven World


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