Twitter Optimization Tips: Part Deux – Confessions of a Twitter Tyro

What’s a financial guy know about marketing anyhow? The answer to that is – not so much. Yet the below chart clearly demonstrates blogging is a big part of the B2B/B2C mix.

It was less than 3 years ago when someone first asked me “do you tweet?” prompted a perplexed “huh?”, I wasn’t sure that I hadn’t just been insulted. I couldn’t tell a hashtag from a hash brown back then but at least I knew what the latter was. I’m still a rookie but  Twitter is clearly a key part of the blogging, drive to site mix.  If your savvy you can probably just pass this by … but if you’re like me and trying to get your hands around, Rachel Parker has posted some good optimization tips here.

What tips can you share that have been effective for you?


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