Unusual Things Great Bosses Do

I’ve long held the belief that understanding what makes people tick, what motivates and contributes to success goes a lot further in the work place than the mumbo jumbo (a technical term) they teach in business school.  There’s a good concise article on Inc. that offers some good suggestions what many good bosses do:

  • They give a glimpse of vulnerability.
  • They give a nudge.
  • They give unexpected attention.
  • They give employees a break.
  • They give a peek inside.
  • They give an undeserved compliment.
  • They give a hat rack.

See the full article for more details.

Over the years I’ve been the number two guy, as COO or CFO, sometimes both in several organizations and outlasted more than one CEO in those roles.   I thought I’d add a couple of additional leadership suggestions:

Don’t be the one who can’t say both “yes” AND “no.  Business success is founded on sound decisions (and sometimes a bit of serendipity) – many times those decisions come down to Path A or Path B – not both.  I can’t even count the times I’ve had to sort through Path A & Path B both showing up in my office – sometimes spiritedly – after they both came from the Boss’ office with a yes … and had to sort through.  Do this one too many times and you’ve guaranteed a rebellion.

Yogi’s one of my favorite ball players of all time … never, ever follow his advice on forks in the road in your business.


Never – yes that’s two nevers now in but one post – make promises you can’t or don’t keep.  Trust me “they” will never forget … repeat it more than once and you may never earn back critical trust and belief …. and you just may find yourself at the aforementioned fork in the road … the direction clear … but not the direction you hoped.





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