What can we learn in New Jersey from a VC in LA?

Mark Suster is a Venture Capitalist with GRP Partners in Los Angeles who is very active in social media. He recently wrote an excellent article, Morning in VC, about the outlook for venture capital fund returns in the next decade. His main point is that looking at VC fund returns, which have been terrible, of the last ten years are not a good predictor of what will happen in the next ten years.

“So what?” you say! What does that have to do with my small business here in New Jersey? I would submit the answer is, “A LOT!”

Many of his reasons revolve around profound changes in the structure of how we do business now:

  • How many people and how often those people are online
  • the rise of the mobile internet
  • we are becoming massively “payment ready”

These changes are already effecting and will only accelerate their effects on all businesses.

Do your plans and goals take these trends into account?

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