What Has She Been Doing?

Eli-Headshot-EditedFinalCloseUpIn the last year, I transitioned out of my banking career and into an entirely new direction with B2B CFO®. It has been very rewarding, and I really feel that I have found my calling. What I loved about my job as a CFO of a bank was being able to help business owners. Seeing them succeed with the help of the financing we provided was like being a proud parent. Even though I loved what I did, I knew it was time to make a move. In early 2015, I left my job as a Chief Financial Officer of a bank and took a few months off to think about what was next. I came across an opportunity to be a partner with B2B CFO®, and it fit perfectly with what I loved to do, which is help business owners succeed. Most small and medium size businesses don’t need a full time CFO, but they do need the help of a CFO. In my career as a banker I saw many businesses that desperately needed this service but did not know where to turn. B2B CFO® is the solution to this common dilemma. We offer CFO services to privately owned companies on an ‘as needed’ long-term basis. Since I joined B2B CFO® in April of 2015, I have helped many business owners solve problems and grow their companies. Some things I have been involved with include bench-marking a company against its peers, obtaining financing that fits business goals, putting policies and procedures in place so that their company could grow safely, budgeting, creating financial reporting metrics, implementing captive insurance programs and much, much more.  Every business has its own unique needs. As a B2B CFO®, I have enjoyed creating customized plans for the businesses with whom I work, and helping their companies succeed.

Feel free to contact me at egray@b2bcfo.com or call me at 267-446-0362

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