The World Wide Web turns 25

On March 12, 1989 Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the web and most of our lives were forever changed. The image at left depicts the first server used by Berners-Lee.


In commemoration Entrepreneur published “10 Fascinating Facts About the World Wide Web on Its 25th Birthday



  • The internet is not the web and the web is not the internet. Don’t get them twisted like most people do, especially not if you’re in Silicon Valley. The internet was a thing long before the web and the web wouldn’t exist without the internet. The internet, the roots of which can be traced as far back to the invention of the modem in 1958, is a massive infrastructure that bridges millions of computers throughout the globe. The World Wide Web is a vast system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed on the internet.
  • Billions of people surf the web. Of the world’s 7.1 billion people, an estimated 2.4 billion people go online today. That’s 37.7 percent of the world’s total population. About six out of seven people across the globe have internet access. Approximately 70 percent of internet users surf the web every day.
  • Americans rock the web the most. Users in the U.S. account for 78.6 percent of global web usage, trailed by Australia (67.6 percent), Europe (63.2 percent), Latin America/Caribbean (42.9 percent), Middle East (40.2 percent), Asia (25.7 percent) and Africa (15.6).  Surprisingly, some 24 nations remain completely offline.

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