Yelling and whispering

Good post by Seth Godin on his blog. He’s a really good source of insight!

Speak to people and they listen, holler and all they do is hear youand wish they weren’t.

Have you ever encountered a really stressed, undertrained gate agent at an airport? She starts yelling into the microphone, strangling her words and insisting, demanding and EMPHASIZING just how urgent it is that David Johnson come to the gate immediately…

It doesn’t work, because we shut her out. Like a toddler ignoring his ever more insistent parent, it’s so easy to turn off the yelling. Just as we ignore the all caps emails, the flashing banner ad and the sirens in New York.

As a marketer, you resort to yelling more often than you should. There’s an alternative…

Whispering piques our interest and demands our attention. Yelling, on the other hand, is a waste of time, regardless of how urgent the issue is.

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